• Vanity Pet has been here as an Established Grooming Shop for over 40 years.
  • Our Pet Stylists provide the calming magic to do the exceptional makeover.
  • All our small friends are given personal one on one dedicated attention of one Groomer for every cut.
  • We pamper our small friends by giving them individual personal care and attention and that keeps the environment stress free.
  • All of our Groomers are specially trained and are very gentle in their touch and also confident in their work.
  • Our stylists will provide you with professional grooming sessions tailored to your pets needs.
  • You don't have to wait either, just drop or pick them up later while your stylists ensures that your pets are groomed to a high standard and remain safe while in our care. 

About Us


Regular grooming ensures the pets skin and coat remain in excellent condition. It also reduces the possibility of skin diseases and flea infestation which saves money in the long run keeping the pet healthy to reduce vet bills. The pet will look good, smell good and feel great as there is less mess to clean at home and we can provide with valuable tips and advice to keep the pets coat looking great between appointments. ‚Äč